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Bankruptcy and Divorce

Experienced Connecticut Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy and divorce often go hand in hand. Debt problems can create marital tensions, leading to divorce. The divorce process can leave you with steep legal fees, support obligations and other financial pressures, which may cause you to incur substantial debt. Whatever debt situation you are facing, Attorney Joseph J. D'Agostino, Jr., LLC, can help you explore your legal options and get started on the road to debt relief.

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Are You Facing Divorce and Debt?

If you know you are going to file for bankruptcy and get divorced, timing is everything. When you file for bankruptcy could have a significant impact on the financial arrangements determined in your divorce.

If you are facing divorce and have a lot of debt, it might be in your best interest to file for bankruptcy before getting divorced. Filing for bankruptcy can clear away all or some of your debt, making it simpler to determine how the remaining debt and assets will be divided.

Child support and spousal support obligations remain in place after a bankruptcy. However, property division arrangements may be affected by a bankruptcy. While property division debt is presumed to be non-dischargeable, the court will make exceptions in certain situations.

Every case is different. It is important to talk to an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to understand how bankruptcy and divorce will affect each other in your situation.

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