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Connecticut Bankruptcy Attorney — Avoiding Pitfalls

Certain factors play into a small or emerging company’s ability to succeed in its first years of growth and maturity. Understanding the pitfalls associated with financial difficulty can help you not only to avoid them but also to prevent them from recurring.

Attorney Joseph J. D'Agostino, Jr., LLC in Wallingford, Connecticut, is a firm devoted to helping individuals and businesses find the debt relief they need while avoiding behaviors that contribute to financial distress. To obtain an initial consultation with attorney Joseph D'Agostino, contact our firm today.

Common Pitfalls That Contribute to Financial Distress

Starting and maintaining a new or small business can be a risky endeavor. You invest time and money with the hope of success. Sometimes incidents occur which contribute to financial instability. Temporary interruptions of cash flow, seasonal or periodic slumps in business, the loss of a client or the sickness, health problems or inability of the principal to oversee operations for a period of time all may prove devastating should the business be ill-prepared for such possibilities. Further, legal problems such as contract breaches, inability to collect debts, recalls or product liability suits can all factor into a business’s viability.

Relying Upon Our Bankruptcy Law Experience

For over 15 years, Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney Joseph D'Agostino has applied his experience with bankruptcy law to companies on the brink of financial collapse. Through filing for Chapter 11, many of our clients have emerged with leaner, more financially fit businesses — operations designed to weather future possible pitfalls.

Choose the law firm that is committed to helping you achieve your business goals of financial stability. At Attorney Joseph J. D'Agostino, Jr., LLC, we can help you find the debt relief you need to help you stabilize. If you would like to meet with Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer Joseph D'Agostino, please contact our firm today. Call us toll-free at 203-377-9994.