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Wallingford Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer

More Than 15 Years Experience in Bankruptcy Law

Attorney Joseph J. D'Agostino, Jr., LLC, provide clients throughout Connecticut with quality legal representation. We represent individual debtors in personal bankruptcy as well as companies in business bankruptcy or workouts outside of bankruptcy.

Contact us online or by telephone at 203-265-5222 to speak with an experienced Wallingford consumer bankruptcy attorney. For your convenience, we maintain two offices, one in Wallingford and one in Stratford.

Why Should You Choose Attorney Joseph J. D'Agostino, Jr., LLC?

The short answer is our experience, commitment, service and respect. You need our experience and knowledge, you can expect our commitment to protecting your rights, and you will appreciate our level of service, straight talk, and our respect for you and your situation.

  • Our experience and knowledge: Our practice is intentionally focused on bankruptcy and debt relief. The complexity of the Bankruptcy Code, sophistication of creditors and our genuine concern for individuals and business owners has led us to focus our practice so we can provide you with the quality of legal representation and sound legal advice you need and deserve. We have been practicing for more than 15 years and truly believe everyone deserves a fresh start and a second chance.
  • Straightforward advice: Attorney D'Agostino is a straight shooter who will give you direct answers to questions and explain the process and the law to you. He also has an extensive network of credit counselors and appraisers to assist him, if needed. His experience is reflected through all the referrals he receives from other attorneys and legal professionals.
  • Our commitment to protecting your rights: We believe everyone deserves a fresh start and a second chance. We also believe that, when you successfully complete a bankruptcy, you should be in a position to take control of your finances and your life. Our bankruptcy representation is more than filing a bankruptcy petition. We watch out for your legal and financial interests. We advise you on your rights regarding re-affirming debts, as well as protect you from creditor harassment after you have retained our services and even after you have completed your bankruptcy.
  • Our service and respect: You will appreciate the respect we show and the high level of personal service and attention we provide. From the time you come in to see us until the time your issues have been resolved, we will take the time to listen to your situation and your goals. We will also take the time to explain the law, the bankruptcy process, and your options to you. In addition, we will counsel you on the best course of action based upon our years of experience.

You will also appreciate our proactive notifications of changes in the status of your case and our availability to answer your questions. We focus on the "service" in legal service.

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If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, we are here to help you explore your options. Contact us online or by telephone at 203-265-5222 to speak with an experienced Wallingford bankruptcy lawyer.