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Are you struggling with debt? Are you being harassed by creditors and facing garnishment, repossession, foreclosure and other creditor actions? You may be wondering: What can bankruptcy do for you?

At Attorney Joseph J. D'Agostino, Jr., LLC, we help people throughout Connecticut file for bankruptcy. We are dedicated to helping you achieve debt relief and enjoy the protections of the bankruptcy code

. Contact us online or by telephone at 203-377-9994 to speak with an experienced Connecticut personal bankruptcy lawyer. For your convenience, we maintain two offices, one in Wallingford and one in Stratford.

Achieving Debt Relief Through Bankruptcy

What can bankruptcy do for you? The answer to that question is dependent upon your debt situation.

  • If you are drowning in credit card debt and facing wage garnishment, bankruptcy can help you get the creditors off your back.
  • If you have recently lost your job and are facing repossession of your car or truck, bankruptcy can help you keep your property and eliminate your debt.
  • If you are behind on your mortgage payments, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can allow you to keep your home.
  • If you or someone in your family has been injured and you are struggling with medical bills, bankruptcy can help you discharge that debt and give you a fresh financial start.

No two debt problems are alike. At our firm, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer will work with you personally to understand your debt situation and craft a strategy that suits your goals. We are focused on helping you obtain a financial fresh start.

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If you are overwhelmed by debt and are facing creditor actions, we are here to help you explore your options. Contact us online or by telephone at 203-377-9994 to speak with an experienced Wallingford bankruptcy lawyer.