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Are You Struggling With Medical Debt

Medical care is expensive. Even a two or three day hospital stay can have an enormous price tag, leading to debt. When emergency care, surgery, expensive medication and other factors are involved, the resulting debt burden can be enormous and unmanageable.

At Attorney Joseph J. D'Agostino, Jr., LLC, we help people who are struggling with medical debt and other debt-related problems. We have extensive experience handling bankruptcies for clients throughout Connecticut and are prepared to help you achieve your legal goals.

Contact us online or by telephone at 203-377-9994 to speak with an experienced Wallingford medical bill attorney. For your convenience, we maintain two offices, one in Wallingford and one in Stratford.

Hospital Debt and Bankruptcy

Medical debt is especially problematic because it is often accompanied by a diminished ability to work and earn a paycheck. A 2005 study conducted by Harvard University found that at least half of all bankruptcy filings were the result of medical debt. Medical debt is unsecured debt, which means it is tied to no particular asset. However, hospitals will use the same aggressive debt collection tactics as credit card companies and other lenders.

If you are struggling with medical debt, you may be facing wage garnishment, bank account levies and other creditor actions. Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops all lawsuits against you and can greatly reduce or eliminate your medical debt.

At our firm, an experienced bankruptcy attorney will work with you from beginning to end to make your debt relief goals a reality.

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If you are overwhelmed by medical debt and are considering bankruptcy, we are here to help you explore your options. Contact us online or by telephone at 203-377-9994 to speak with an experienced Wallingford bankruptcy lawyer.